Bag Kaluda - Cherdje
Bag Kaluda - Cherdje
Bag Kaluda - Cherdje
Bag Kaluda - Cherdje
Bag Kaluda - Cherdje

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Bag Kaluda

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Most of our Homecoming Collection pieces are decorated with a stunning piece of antique Bulgarian jewelry - belt buckle. Belt buckles are one of the most exquisite, striking and feminine ornaments of the national costume. They were a sign of social standing, a betrothal gift and and were even attributed magical protective properties. We use only authentic buckles, not modern-day replicas.

• HOMECOMING Collection
• Dimensions: 32 x 23 cm (L x W)
• Textile Provenance: Bulgaria
• Exterior: Handwoven nulticolor wool fabric with ruffles
• Interior: Cotton-sateen, with pocket attached, scarlet
• Decorated with an antique belt buckle piece made of low-grade silver (called 'sachan' locally)
• Handles: Woven woolen strings, black and red. Adjustable length and design
• Button clasp handmade from 'gaitan', locally produced braided cord
• Finished with our signature Cherdje leather label