Our Story

Hello and welcome to Cherdje!

My name is Iva Tsekova. I am an investment professional turned entrepreneur and textilist. Born and raised in Bulgaria, I left my home country as a teenager, on a United World Colleges scholarship in the aftermath of the Berlin Wall collapse. My life and work took me to many countries in Europe, North America and Asia. My early exposure to different cultures shaped my appreciation of art as a means of building bridges across culture. 

While working at the first international private equity fund in Nepal, I was struck by the beauty of local textiles, many of which reminded me of the Bulgarian ones.  While in Asia, working in Aghanistan and Myanmar, I visited local artisan communities and was inspired by their creations. My experience at frontier investment funds instilled in me a deep respect for and appreciation of entrepreneurs.  When I came back home, after almost two decades of living, studying and working abroad, I really wanted to launch a venture and create a product that told my story and that I could share with people.

I created Cherdje to connect world loving, fashion forward consumers to beautifully handcrafted products, made in Bulgaria. Cherdje is a luxury sustainable label, tribute to the handcrafted traditions of Bulgaria. I use authentic textiles to create one-of-a-kind fashion accessories, home décor and wall art.  Through each Cherdje piece, I discover a slice of my own history. I am re-acquainting myself with Bulgaria and uncover new layers of meaning about my own culture. At the same time, each Cherdje piece carries a cocktail of cultures: not just my own, but also the ones I have come to know and embraced during my work and travels.

I hope you enjoying experiencing Cherdje as much as I enjoy creating for you!