Our Artisans

Our artisans are our greatest assets.

We collaborate with a spectrum of artisans. We work with experienced local craftsmen to revive age-old crafts such as embroidery, beading, leather work, metal-smithing. We also launched an experimental collaboration with a social enterprise that provides gainful employment to disabled people.

Our artisans have taken many hours and great care to complete each Cherdje piece that you enjoy.  By producing locally, we preserve our heritage, push it into new territory. We promote artisans by creating a marketplace for their output. We give work possibilities to a sector that has been economically and even socially neglected for a long time.

Here are some of our artisan partners.


Stoika and Zlatka Popova is a fierce mother-daughter duo of master embroiders. Both are central to the work of the Plovdiv-based Collective for National Embroidery and Decorative Arts ‘Rositsa Chukanova. The collective was founded in 1968 in Plovdiv and has 22 members at present. Stojka Popova led the collective for 15 years, Zlatka Popova is the current Collective Leader.



Velichka is a legendary master weaver, native of Kotel. Kotel is one of the two major carpet making hubs in Bulgaria, together with Chiprovtsi. Nestled in the heart of the very Balkan Mountains, Kotel produced one of the most exquisite Bulgarian carpets over the past three hundred years. Gorgeous examples are on display in a gem of a museum called the Galatan School. Today, unfortunately, there are only few active weavers left to keep that carpet tradition alive. Velichka is a passionate and creative weaver, currently looking for students to teach the craft to.